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Brain injuries, no matter how mild they may seem, can have devastating, and lifelong consequences, and is a very real risk that affects many sports players. The problem with brain injuries is that the problems do not show right away. Here are six reasons why many choose to ignore their brain injury, and why that is so troubling.

1. Wearing helmets prevents brain injury.

This is perhaps the largest myth of all. It is true that wearing a helmet has infinitely more benefits than going without. Wearing a helmet has been known to help save lives, which is why they are required for workers on construction sites or for motorcyclists, as examples. While helmets may be life-saving, note that they are not always effective at preventing concussions.

2. I can just shake it off.

The decision to return to the game is a senseless one. You are not doing anyone any favors by doing so. You won’t be at optimum playing level and your judgment will be compromised. Your body is working quickly to healing your brain, which is why it is always better to sit out and rest. Not to mention that there are long-term effects that you could face by returning to play.

3. I didn’t become unconscious, so I should be fine.

Just because someone didn’t become unconscious, it doesn’t mean that an underlying brain injury or concussion is not present. A concussion can occur, even after a very mild blow. Only a small percentage of head injuries lead to unconsciousness.

4. Nothing came up on my EEG, CT scan, or MRI.

Brain injuries do not always show on these tests. These tests can often overlook some very mild brain injuries. So while there may be damage to some nerves, it may not be apparent because swelling or bleeding is not present.

5. I’ll be fine. It was only a mild brain injury.

Brain injuries, whether they are mild, moderate, or severe, can still have very serious negative effects, including changes to mood, emotions, personality, learning ability, and memory functions. Over the long-term, a brain injury that is not properly treated can lead to severe impairments that can reduce one’s quality of life. Getting treatment at the onset of the injury gives you better treatment and assistance right away.

6. I can’t have a brain injury if I didn’t hit my head.

This may be more common in say, a car collision, where you may not have had any impact to your head, but you were knocked around by the motions of the crash. Now imagine this same violent motions occurring when crashing into other players while trying to go for possession of the ball. Crashing into other people can still be forceful enough to knock the brain into the skull, which can potentially lead to injury.

All in all, the bottom line is that you understand the risks you face when playing an impact sport. Always exercise due caution and seek medical care the minute you are injured. Schneider Hammers understands that the costs of treatment for a brain injury can often be too much to bear for the average person alone, which is why we can help you find financial compensation to help you.

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