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Georgia Medical Malpractice Lawyers
Apr 23 ,2018

Enlisting the care of a medical professional should be a positive experience. When you do so, you rely on your provider’s years of education and experience to help him or her correctly diagnose and treat what ails you.

Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Attorney
Apr 16 ,2018

Few experiences are more liberating than riding a motorcycle on the open road. On a warm, sunny Spring morning, with a light breeze and clear skies, there is no greater feeling.

FDA Restricts Essure Sale and Distribution in U.S. Market
Apr 10 ,2018

Today, April 9th, the United States Food and Drug Administration has issued an order to restrict the sale and distribution of the Essure contraceptive device. According to the FDA’s website, the institution released this order “to ensure all women conside

Woman Awarded Millions in Bellwether Bard IVC Filter Trial
Apr 06 ,2018

Last month, a woman was awarded over $3 million after sustaining injuries from an IVC filter.

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