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Automakers Shirking Takata Recall Deadline
Jun 06 ,2018

The Takata Recall has been ongoing for three years but many vehicles are still affected. With Takata filing for bankruptcy and a reported delay in inflator-replacement kits, when will we see an end to this recall?

Penalties & Georgia’s New Driving Law
May 31 ,2018

While debated by lawmakers, under the new law you will still be able to: talk or text using a hands-free device, wear a smartwatch, use a GPS or mapping app, and use a radio to communicate.

Talc Verdict in California
May 31 ,2018

Even after this most recent verdict, J&J continues the assertion that their products don’t contain asbestos or cause cancer, bringing in scientists and other experts.

Posting on Social Media Could Cost You Your Case
May 29 ,2018

How could a social media post impact your potential legal case? Even if you think you have strong privacy settings, these are only as strong as the weakest link in your friend list.

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