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Bair Hugger FAW Device Lawsuits


The manufacturers of the Bair Hugger forced air warming (FAW) device, used to supply warm air to patients during surgery, are facing multiple lawsuits after use of the device has been linked to an increased risk of bacterial infection to patients.

Originally intended to help regulate body temperature during surgery to prevent hypothermia, the device has been widely used in hospitals throughout the country since its release in 1987. Now, even the inventor of the FAW device, Dr. Scott D. Augustine, is warning hospitals to cease use during certain surgical procedures because of potential risks. Among those especially vulnerable to complications from the device are joint replacement patients and those receiving artificial heart valves.

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The Bair Hugger FAW Device Can Cause Patients to Develop Serious Infections

The Bair Hugger device is a blanket that is placed over patients during surgical procedures to keep the patient warm during surgery. This is supposed to decrease the risk of complications associated with even mild hypothermia, which can lead to blood loss, infections, and prolonged hospital stays. Unfortunately, however, use of the device has been shown to actually increase a patient’s risk of exposure to bacteria, leading to a number of serious and highly contagious infections including Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). These infections can be highly difficult to treat and, in some cases, have even led to additional surgeries and/or limb amputations after a patient has contracted the bacteria.

The Bair Hugger device is still in use in over 80 percent of U.S. hospitals, with 50,000 units throughout the country. Current lawsuits allege that there have been no efforts to sufficiently warn healthcare providers of the dangers it poses, nor have there been any redesigns to make the device safe to use. In addition, the Bair Hugger FAW has been found to remove less than 65 percent of airborne particles .30 microns or larger when the current High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) standards require all air-filtration devices to remove 99.97 percent of all airborne particles.

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