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Wrongful death claims can involve more than one at-fault party. Negotiations with insurance companies are almost always expected. Cover-ups and overlooked evidence can and do occur. With a reputation for skilled advocacy and taking a firm stance, our Atlanta wrongful death attorneys at Schneider Hammers know the law, the opposing counsel's tactics, and the strength of evidence. We're here to help and serve you.

Wrongful death can result from various accidents, some of which include:

What should I do after losing a loved one?

Georgia family members are often left stunned and unprepared when an unexpected death caused by the negligence of another person disrupts their lives. But not every family member may seek compensation or are even aware of this option. When you meet with us, our qualified professionals will assess your claim to determine eligibility under state law, and fight on your behalf for the maximum compensation possible. Our track record of success demonstrates the level of legal excellence that we are able to provide.

Our recent wrongful death case successes:

  • $1.5 million verdict for a pilot killed in a crash caused by an airplane manufacturing defect
  • Confidential settlement for a wrongful death in a parasailing accident


Preventable accidents that result in death have a huge impact on financially dependent survivors. You need a skilled fatal accident attorney with experience and a proven trial record to help your case fight for the highest dollar settlement possible. Don't depend on a law firm that covers a wide field and carries a high-volume clientele. Wrongful death cases deserve the kind of individualized attention we are committed to providing.

We have obtained millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements on behalf of our personal injury and wrongful death clients. Proving the loss requires careful documentation and ample time. Contact one of our wrongful death accident attorneys as soon as possible so that we can begin to build your case right away. We will request medical records, police reports, accident reconstruction, witness statements, and more to build a strong case for your family's claim.

Call an Atlanta personal injury lawyer to help you pursue the maximum settlement or verdict possible, beginning with a free case consultation.

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